Copenhagen Adventure Sport



Members of Copenhagen Adventure Sport is driven by the desire to challenges such as:

  • adventure racing
  • extreme running
  • mountain bike
  • skiing
  • survival and hiking tours

Only your imagination and the members' initiatives define the limits. The common background is that we did not find an association that offers all the above activities.

Copenhagenf Adventure Sport is aimed at all who have an interest in and desire for new experiences, adventures and challenges. The association was created by people who wish to become acquainted with these experiences at a level that is defined solely by the individual member's desires and limitations.

Copenhagen Adventure Sports members greatly affects the activities, covering training, events, courses and competitions. The association provides the framework for communication but expect very much that the members themselves take part in the activities.

What is adventure race?

Adventure race is a sport that requires both mental and physical strength. This is the challenge that often takes you beyond the limits you thought were impossible. Adventure racing requires training, preparation, and to some degree specialized equipment.

Adventure Race comes in many different shapes, distances and forms. From 2-3 hour sprints with several outdoor disciplines to expedition-like odysseys that requires months of planning and preparation and taking several weeks to complete. While some races can be very complex, the basics are often the same: a start line, a finish line, and several checkpoints that you must hit on the way from start to finish.

After the start the various teams navigate through the countryside on foot, at sea, cycling, by rope etc. nonstop until they reach the finish line. The team must remain together throughout the race and the team to finish first is the winner.

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